Today's Specials
Specials are prepared daily by our team of chefs and vary depending on market availability



Fresh Prawn Salad

w/ green paw paw, cucumber, avocado, coriander

 & champagne vinaigrette



Grass Fed Beef Carpaccio

w/ parsnip puree, confit tomato, gherkins & cabernet sauvignon vinegar



Cuttlefish Stifado

 Slow Cooked w/ onions, tomatoes, herbs

w/ steamed jasmine rice









Local Lobster

Cooked to your liking

 $20 Per 100gm


W/A Lobster Mornay 700gm

w/chat potatoes & steamed greens



Grilled King Fish Fillet

w/ vegetable ratatouille



Salt & Pepper Bream Fillets

w/ steamed broccolini & sweet potato mash



Steamed Whole Pearl Perch

w/ soy, ginger, shallots, steamed rice & bok choy



Prices inclusive of GST



drizzled with honey syrup & walnuts



Crepes Suzzette